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YPC International College - Library
The YPC International College Library has a 15 years history of collection building and sharing collections with the broader scholarly community.

The Library currently has over 2,500 titles, including required textbooks, in-house publications such as students' theses and final year project reports, leisure reading, educational magazines, and newspaper subscriptions.

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is accessible off-campus via Student Portal.

  • YPC International College Library is a centre for higher education exploration, preparation, research, online and seeks to create valuable relationships with all of the faculty, staff, and students.
  • YPC International College Library is an organizational site for educational and personal intellectual development of its members.
  • YPC International College Library is an open environment for intellectual collaboration; as such, we value its underpinnings of mutual respect and personal integrity.
The primary mission is to support the education, teaching, research, and administrative needs of the faculty, students, and staff of the YPC International College. As such, we are committed to maintain a quality study and research environment, protect the rights of users and sustain the integrity of collections.

Monday9:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday9:00AM to 1:00PM
Sunday & Public HolidayClosed
For any enquiries, please email
YPC International College - Library
The Library currently has over 2,500 titles, including required textbooks, in-house publications such as students' theses and final year project report, leisure reading, educational magazines, and newspaper subscriptions.

The main purpose of providing those materials in the Library is to support the curriculum at YPC International College.

We encourage suggestions for library materials from all of our users. The suggestions for the purchase of books, periodicals, and others can be made by filling the form below:


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YPC International College - Library
CIRCULATION SERVICE Borrowing and returning books can be made at the circulation counter.
Students must present their student ID.
Students may borrow 2 books at a time for 1 week.
DISCUSSION ROOM Discussion room can accommodate more than 90 students at one time.
STUDY AREA 50 silent study spaces are available for students.
LIBRARY ORIENTATION & TRAINING Library runs orientations and trainings throughout the year to help students find and use our resources effectively.
RM0.30 per sheet (one-sided), RM 0.40 per sheet (double-sided).
ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOG (OPAC) Accessible off-campus via Student Portal and Staff Portal for library collection retrieval.
ONLINE JOURNAL Accessible for LJMU Degree students ONLY .
Students and staff can download and save the PDF online journal.
  • Outside Front Area
  • Entrance Door
  • Book Racks
  • Discussion Room
  • Study Area
  • Online Library Catalog
YPC International College - Library
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) can be used to locate and retrieve library collections.

OPAC is accessible for all students and staff through off-campus and within campus.

Students and staff must log-in via Student Portal and Staff Portal respectively in College Management System (CMS) before access to OPAC.

Screenshot of OPAC in Student Portal
YPC International College - Library
Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) Online Library is accessible for LJMU Degree students ONLY.

Sample LJMU Degree Student ID

Students need to activate their account at LJMU Account Activation System in order to access the online library.

Students can download and save the subscription online journal in PDF format.
YPC International College - Library
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YPC International College - Library
YPC International College "Toshokan (Library)" Club was established on 7th October 2016. The club name was inspired by the Japanese words 'To-Sho-Kan' which means Library. The Toshokan Club acts as a platform for great minds to come together across discipline to promote the culture of reading and sharing of information and inculcate knowledge explosion through traditional and non- traditional means. To this end, the Club invites the communities to forward ideas, suggestions and engage in smartpartnership with the Toshokan Club to promote this noble course. Toshokan Club provides opportunities to develop the recreational interest of members and interested stakeholders, aims to contribute to the development of positive personal attributes among the students and inculcates the sense of responsibility, cooperation, creativity and knowledge implosion among the students. FOLLOW US AT FB : YPCToshokan
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